South Bay Judo is a family run Judo Club located at Wilson Park in the City of Torrance.   It was established in 1999 by Head Instructor Ed Shiosaki as a charter club for the City of Torrance Parks and Recreation.  


Instructors at South Bay Judo teach the martial of art of Judo to students of all ages.  The goal is to teach quality fundamentals to our students to build a solid base for future development.  By teaching discipline, honor and respect, we believe our students will not only be successful in Judo but also in life.  


South Bay Judo is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. 


What is JUDO?  Stop by our judo club and CHECK IT OUT!  Try it out!  We also welcome all visiting judokas.     
































We had to make an adjustment to our 1st Quarter - Winter - judo classes.  Wilson Park gym will be used for the upcoming primary elections in late Feb & early Mar and our judo program will have to closed for the following dates Feb 22, 27, 29, Mar 5 & 7.  Due to this closure, the 1st Quarter - Winter - Session will have to be extended to Mar 26.  


This will require us to push back the 2nd Quarter - Spring - Session.  It will start a little later, Mar 28 and will end on May 30. 



South Bay Judo will be following  all local, city and state, USJF and USA Judo guidelines and recommendations for COVID-19, however, it is not possible to fully prevent against the presence of the disease.  Therefore, if you choose to utilize South Bay Judo's services and/or enter onto South Bay Judo's premises you may be exposing yourself to and/or increase your risk of contracting or spread of COVID-19.  


Our students, parents and instructors safety is our TOP PRIORITY!  

























Outdoor Judo Workout - Sunday











"He who fears loss, has already been beaten."  jigoro kano Founder of Judo




Here is quick up date of our activities for 2024!


Jan 28 (Sun) -  SBJ Annual Awards & Recognition Luncheon 


Feb  11 (Sun) - SBJ Superbowl 50/50 Fundraiser


Mar 13 (Wed)- SBJ Dining at Lazy Dog (Del Amo Mall, Torrance)


April 20 & 21 (Sat & Sun) - Bunkasai Festival with SBJ Shave Ice Fundraiser & Judo Demonstration


June 19 (Wed) - SBJ Dining 


Aug 10 (Sat) - SBJ Annual Picnic


Sept 18 (Wed) - SBJ Dining 


Stay tune for additional activites planned.



Here is a recap of some of our activities from 2023!  








































































Kings Hawaiian Bakery & Restaurant
Hawaiian Sweet Island - Shave Ice Syrups and Machine
Grimm & Chen - Structural Engineerring
Torraance Police Officers Association
Dr Richard Miyamoto - Optometry
Fuji Mats
It's A Deal - Casino Rental
Englekirk Structural Engineers
Northrop Grumman / John Wada
Cetera Advisor Network - Derrick Kawamoto
Safe and Sound - Security Camera Systems
Cherrystone's Restaurant & Catering
State Farm - Neal Bracewell
Senfuku Japanese Restaurant
Starbucks Coffee (Torrance Crossroads)
Back Home in Lahaina
Hatashita Sports
Dai Ichi Bonsai Kai
Arbonne - Christine Shiosaki Tsang

We would like to thank all South Bay Judo Sponsors for their continued support for our judo program.

Thank you for your support thru COVID and this year - 2023!

T: 424-392-4732  Email: [email protected]m

We offer judo classes 4 times a year, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall judo sessions and each session we have 3 classes on Tues & Thurs.



> CLASS 1: 5 to 6:15 pm - Juniors (5 to 12 years old) - New Students & Returning Students 

> CLASS 2:6:30 to 7: 45 - Juniors (5 to 14 years old) -  New Students & Returning Students 

> CLASS 3: 8 to 9:15 pm - Older Youths & Adults (13+) - New Students & Returning Students



‚Äč> 1st Quarter Winter Session - Jan 9 to Mar 26 

> 2nd Quarter Spring Session - Mar 28 to May 30 

> 3rd Quarter Summer Session - June 4 to Aug 6

4th Quarter Fall Session - Aug 20 to Oct 22


Wilson Park- Dee Hardison Sports Complex
2400 Jefferson St, Torrance, CA 90501