Ed Shiosaki

Head Advisor and Club Administrator - 6th Degree Black Belt


Founder of South Bay Judo in 1999, Sensei Ed has over 45 years of experience in Judo.  He has coached and developed numerous national and international champions.  He is safe sport certified including CDC Concussion certified, First Aid / CPR certified. Membership - USJF & USA Judo.   Coaches Certification - USA Judo.










Assistant Instructors:

Jefferey Tejero - 4th Degree Black Belt


You Matsutani - 3rd Degree Black Belt, Alan Honda - 3rd Degree Black Belt, John Hernandez - 3rd Degree Black Belt, Craig Shiosaki - 3rd Degree Black Belt, Shane Shiosaki - 3rd Degree Black Belt


Yuko Felde - 2nd Degree Black Belt, David Honda - 2nd Degree Black Belt, Myles Honda - 2nd Degree Black Belt, Machiko Matsutani - 2nd Degree Black Belt, Maria Matsutani - 2nd Degree Black Belt, Marina Matsutani - 2nd Degree Black Belt


Sandy Honda - 1st Degree Black Belt, Joan Shiosaki - 1st Degree Black Belt, Matt Sawada - 1st Degree Black Belt, Chris Williams - 1st Degree Black Belt, Nancy Williams - 1st Degree Black Belt


Cheyenne Fu - 1st Degree Brown Belt, Mark Williams - 1st Degree Brown Belt,  

Romeo Sangdee-Takeuchi 2nd Degree Brown Belt, Luis Vazquez - 3rd Degree Brown Belt


Guest Instructors:

Dan Alef - 5th Degree Black Belt 

Valerio Lottie (Italy) - 2nd Degree Black Belt











"...perfect yourself and give something of value back to the world." jigoro kano 



Milton Shiosaki

Head Instructor - 5th Degree Black Belt


Sensei Milton has been teaching judo for over 40 years and coaches our competitors in local, state and national events.  He is the lead instructor coordinating the SBJ judo program, competition training and our program's fundamentals and values of judo.  He is also Safe Sport, CDC Concussion and First Aid/CPR certified. Membership - USJF and USA Judo. Coaches Certification - USA Judo

T: 424-392-4732  Email: [email protected]m

Wilson Park- Dee Hardison Sports Complex
2400 Jefferson St, Torrance, CA 90501